Is the Hunter Safety System rope strap with plastic wraps instead of knots the new design?

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    Interesting…. If it doesn’t give clear instructions on that plastic, I’d call the company. I hate it when companies make changes to a product but don’t update the information sheets…

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    @Mike I know! Super frustrating.

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    Call the company and ask them?

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    @Kurt they finally got back to me this morning... they said this is the new style, is ready to use as is and the plastic is to be left on the rope as it replaces the knots

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    @Brent are you happy with it ? If not send it back

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    @Kurt I was going to use it this morning but wasn't sure about the plastic wrap so I left it home. I'll use it this weekend for a true test.

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    The plastic/shrink wrap securing method is just a cheaper, slightly weaker version of a splice. I’ve never seen a company do that for a prusik loop, only for tethers and lineman ropes. Hopefully they have stitched the two strands together under the shrink wrap for added strength.

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