Is a 7-month wait for a euro mount common?

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  • Rachel's avatar

    Usually depends on how many they have before you. I wouldn’t think it would be that long for a euro though

  • Mervin's avatar

    I used to do Euros. First thing is that is a question for the taxidermist before deciding where to get it done. Second thing is how are they doing it. Bugs , boiling, or one of several other methods. If you have a good colony of bugs it will be clean in a few days if not sooner if the scull is properly prepped. Boiling takes a few hours after prep. Then you need to degrease. That takes a few days if done right. Then the whitening is a few days. So a week is good but if they have hundreds of heads where are you in line.

  • Micah's avatar

    Don’t know if this is common because I’ve only had one done. Dropped him off on a Saturday, had my meat and euro by the next Thursday. That’s in central AL.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Typically in my area in Pennsylvania a euro mount will take 3-4 weeks.

  • Wesley's avatar

    I turn them around in weeks. Noooo

  • Judah's avatar

    Nope not usual

  • Ruben's avatar

    Well don’t think a euro should take that long unless the taxidermist has a long list of people

  • Andrew's avatar

    I have a family member that does it for a side business and he always has mine back to me in 3 weeks or less. Super clean from the bugs and always look amazing. 👌

  • Drew's avatar

    I’d be calling that guy

  • Josh's avatar

    That is a long time for a euro Mount. It depends on how well you prepped it too, but I would say that is a long time to wait.

  • William's avatar

    Not common for South Carolina! Usually 2-3 weeks!

  • Andrew's avatar

    It does depend on method and how backed up they are… I’ve never waited longer the 3 weeks really. Then again just between 2 places and 4 euros.

  • Alfredo's avatar

    I can’t think of any method that would take them that long.

  • Stewart's avatar

    I have a place that does it overnight from when I give them my deer It’s not mounted but is super simple to mount in something yourself if it’s just euro Full mount I can see taking 7 -12 months

  • Tim's avatar

    You should do your own next time. It’s fun and rewarding.

  • Kevin's avatar

    2 week’s average for mine.

  • Nick's avatar

    They just bury the damn thing for you? I don't think you're getting that one back....

  • Justin's avatar

    I bury mine and wait 9 months. But depends on how back logged your guy is. And what process he or she uses.

  • Justin's avatar

    @Nick no I do my own. I bury the head and in 9 months I dig it up and it’s clean and all intact. Clean it with hose and flat white paint or dip it.

  • Doug's avatar

    Hope you did not leave much of a deposit!

  • Nick's avatar

    @Justin I dig the buried look, even buried a few in coffee grounds so it would have a darker stain, got a few euro mounts but I am a bigger fan of the stained look.

  • Justin's avatar

    @Nick yea that dark look after is nice. And everyone is different. Put it closer to different trees and they change the color too.

  • Chip's avatar

    My guy takes 2 weeks, maybe 1, and it costs $100. You need a new taxidermist. One that doesn’t mind actually working

  • Colter's avatar

    Not that long maybe they forgot it was back there?

  • Nick's avatar

    @Justin thanks for the tip!

  • Brent's avatar

    Absolutely not

  • Ryan's avatar

    Absolutely not! Takes me 3 to 4 days to get one done. I do up to 50 a year

  • Charlie's avatar

    Also in north AL my guy turns em out in about a month or less. He's had mine from this year longer but only cuz I said I'd pick it up with my full mount

  • Drew's avatar

    I would check with him to see how far he has gone and if it takes longer I would go to a different taxidermist

  • Shawn's avatar

    No. In NE Arkansas 2 weeks tops.

  • Barry's avatar

    Depends on backlog and method. Here in PA, my guy uses beetles and usually, an archery season deer (September/October) is returned in April/May.

  • Deerhunterscott's avatar

    Usually takes my guy about 2 weeks. And they look great

  • Douglas's avatar

    I’ve had them back in a couple of weeks and I’ve had other take a year. Depends on the process they’re using and how busy they are.

  • Douglas's avatar

    I do my own now and have a coyote; a cougar; 2 lynx; a wolf and a wolverine in my backlog 🤣

  • Brandon's avatar

    Local guys around me take 8-10 months on euros. They work through their backlog of shoulder mounts and then knock out all deer euros at once.

  • Dylan's avatar

    We process deer and take euros in IL. We averaged 140 deer and 40 euros last year and usually turned the skulls around in a few weeks

  • Deerhunterscott's avatar

    I had one mounted. Once that took over a year later I found out the taxidermist was taking it to shows because he liked the way it looked.

  • Drew's avatar

    It took mine 2 weeks

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