Introducing Katy Harrelson and India Opal: Expert Trackers in Clinton

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  • A.T's avatar

    Great picture!

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    That’s just Special!!!

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    How well does your cur dog track? I hunt hogs with blackmouth curs and they do a great job. Usually only a relatively fresh track. I love a good cur dog!

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    @A.T thanks! It’s one of my favorite pics of the two of them!

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    @Butch for sure! Thank you! We’re pretty proud of these girls!

  • MRS's avatar

    @Mike well, they’re a UBT-2 certified tracking team, so that’s pretty darn good! 😁 Katy has spent a good many hours behind this dog. She’s also handled her dog to squirrel champion and bench show champion, as well as an accomplished nite hunter. This dog knows her jobs and does them all well! We run OMCBA and Kemmers. Cur dogs are very versatile and can and will do whatever you ask if you make them your best friend, as these two are.

  • Mike's avatar

    @MRS Not much that’s more fun than squirrel hunting with a good tree dog. I had a blackmouth that I was trying to hog hunt with that didn’t want to do anything but tree squirrels. I was to young to know what I had at the time. Do you sale mt curs? How big are they? A little smaller than other curs??

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