Introducing GoWild Rewards: Cash in on Your Time Outdoors

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New: GoWild Rewards (learn how to claim yours today!)

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    @Dillon check out the links in the article to update your app to our latest version. Then tap the Home tab at the bottom of the app. And then you’ll see a new button on the screen called Rewards. See any rewards you have and claim them. If you don’t have any rewards yet, you can earn points by making posts, logging time, reviewing gear you have and purchases (to name a few).

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    Already using them, and super stoked for my stuff to come!!

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    Just claimed mine!! Can't wait for my shirts and stickers to get here!!!! I'm like a kid in a candy store for stickers!!!!!

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    @Jerry @Jerry awesome!

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    Claimed my rewards! Now to figure out what to buy to use those coupons.

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    @Jerry SAME!

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    Awesome!! Who don’t like T-shirts and stickers!! Now time to start shopping with the coupons!!

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    I am

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    I am so excited about this!! Well done!!! 👏 I know I’ve been telling more and more people about this app!!! This app is my new favorite social media platform!!!! Thank you @Lacey for recommending this app to me :)

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    @Ariana you are welcome!

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    Great app

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    Pretty awesome rewards program!

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    We shall see…..

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    I was out of town when this was posted so I’m a little late to the game but this is the bomb. 🔥

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    I agree ☝️

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    I want 40$

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    @LeighAnne I agree

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    Great app

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    I’m officially on💪💪💯🔥

  • Unable to claim rewards

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    Great app

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    What a wonderful way to give back!

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    My bow of choice cheap but does the job. Nikon crossbow scope and rage broad heads makes a winning team.

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    Excited to use my first reward

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    Can’t wait for my free t-shirt

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    I used initial rewards points on a sticker sheet and received an email confirmation w/ an order number. How do I check the status on the order of stickers? Thanks in advance.

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    Love the app

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    This app is amazing there’s not any hate like you have towards and from other hunters like other social media apps and the rewards is a great idea

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    I love this app

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    Finally a social media app worth using

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    That’s cool

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    Fun sight for all.

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    Love it

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    Super helpful! Thank you team @GoWild 👊🏻

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    Current mood after updating:

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    Interesting thus far!

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    Awesome thanks a whole bunch.

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    Got my shirt in the other day, it’s awesome! Still waiting on some other stuff! Thanks for what y’all are doing for the outdoor community!

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    Loving this app

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    @Shawn awesome! Glad to have you here.

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    Can’t believe it took me this long to join!! Great app and can’t wait for my shirt and stickers to get here!!!

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    Just joined and really liking it so far! Any plans on opening up the shop for north of the border??🇨🇦

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    I am really enjoying this app. The rewards are great. Awesome platform for us outdoorsman, and women.

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    Wow love this app and all the community

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    Love the stuff need duck hunting gear

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    This is awesome

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    This is awesome

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    This is awesome

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    Let’s get it

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    It is awesome

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    This app is awesome

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    this is so awesome!!!

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    I’m excited to get my shirt and stickers

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    Can’t wait to use it

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    This is great

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    Lets gooo

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    Great app!

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    Love this app

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    This is an awesome app

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    How do I get points

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    Super helpful

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    I love this app I just ordered a few shirts can’t wait until it comes in

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    @Gavin posts, trophies, inviting friends to download using your referral code, logging time in your posts. Adding your gear. Adding a setup. All those give you points.

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    @Colin did you ever get it?

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    @Trent Lachney 2-3 weeks

  • Brent's avatar

    @Trent Lachney 2-3 weeks

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    Good app!

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    So far I think I like the app

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    So cool man

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    @Dillon how ?

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    Just claimed, going to be awesome when they come!

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    Keeps declining card in checkout

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    I absolutely love this app

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