Introducing Bridger: Raising the Next Generation of Woodsman

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  • Tom's avatar

    Awesome! Congrats to y’all.❤️

  • Casi's avatar

    Great name!

  • Scotty's avatar

    Congratulations pan, very awesome!

  • Brian's avatar

    Hey, congratulations, I'm sure he's going to love the outdoors, but enjoy him while you can because they grow up so fast. 👍

  • Brad's avatar


  • Cowboy's avatar

    Congratulations, that is awesome!!

  • James's avatar

    Oh man, congratulations. Such a special time in y’all’s life. I hope you will convince a family member to get him a great gift from our store! 😆

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the little fella! I take mine with me too and it’s fantastic memories made. Keep up the good work man. So far, my oldest likes rabbit hunting the best because he gets to walk with his older cousins 🐇

  • Tom's avatar

    Awesome. Congratulations

  • Lisa's avatar

    Wonderful photos! Completely adorable! I hope your ideas for him turn out. I had thoughts of that too, with my oldest. Come to find out, he wanted nothing to do with the outdoor things I enjoyed. But he looked cute in the camo infant and 1T outfits I put on him.😊 Enjoy Bridger...beautiful family!

  • Laney's avatar


  • Jacob's avatar

    Congrats man!

  • Shaun's avatar

    Congratulations bud! They grow up quick

  • Turbo's avatar

    Heck yeah bud!!!! He is going to be a hunter like his daddy I'm sure!!!! Congrats to Y'all!!!! 👊🤠👍

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @John I don't get to go much but I thoroughly enjoy a good rabbit hunt! Hopefully my old timer buddies still have their hounds when he gets old enough to go.

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Lisa Thanks! Oh yeah, my little brother is my polar opposite despite the same raising. I won't be upset if he doesn't take to it, all I care about is that he experiences a true passion in his life!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @James Yeah man, looks cool!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Thanks all!

  • John's avatar

    @Appalachian I enjoy it too because your able to walk and just have fun visiting & catching up with everybody. But, he goes turkey & deer hunting with me too. I enjoy taking the kiddos along with me. But, we’ve got 3 all 5 & under so time in the woods is hard to come by for us right now too! But it’s well worth it, enjoy every minute it goes by way to fast!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @John will do!

  • T's avatar

    Congrats young man. May the lord bless your family. Take lots of pictures and give him plenty of love. He will be asking for the car keys before you know it.

  • John's avatar

    Congrats. Hunting with your kids is great.

  • Jimmie's avatar

    That's a good name .it's an awsome privilege to be a dad

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Jimmie thanks man, it sure is!

  • Mike's avatar

    I know darn well I upvoted and commented before, that happens some time. Saw this in my feed and had to correct the dang things thing. Welcome to Bridger, Again🤣

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Mike thanks man, he is quite the character. Can't wait to get him in the woods.

  • Mike's avatar

    Haha, that’s awesome. Nothing beats watching your kid enjoy the same things you do

  • James's avatar

    Love it dude! He might enjoy our books at and there’s a killer sale right now.

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Just an apex predator participating in his local ecology. Ex backcountry hiking trail builder turned Environmental Scientist. Schooled in Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. Pretty much plumb eat up with it.

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