Improving Rifle Accuracy: Testing Copper Bullets with Barnes Vor-Tx LR

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    I have had excellent results with Barnes ammo in .223, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .270 Winchester in three of my rifles. Expensive but worth trying if best accuracy is the goal. Jim Sahlin

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    @James $30 cheaper than Nosler Accubond.

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    Which I haven’t tried probably due to lack of availability where I shop. Federal Premium accubond has also done well among more expensive ammo choices. Have no idea what’s available in .300 Ultra Mag. Fusion and American Whitetail generally perform well along less expensive lines. Only played with Barnes ammo for less than twenty years, but it’s at the top in my production rifles. Jim

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    @Cameron I have several rifles that love the Barnes bullets. Some that don’t. I have a model 70 270 Winchester that shoots a .65” 4 shot group @ 100 yards with the load I have worked up for it. The only thing I don’t like about monolithic bullets is they are extremely long compared to their lead counterparts and eat up more case capacity. Between that and the rugged construction I find that shooting lighter for caliber bullets when using Barnes is better. The performance is great.

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    The match ammo shoots really tight at 3 and 400 yards out of my 300 PRC. Remington accu tip out shoots everything from the Barnes to the federal accubond out of my 300 short mag. The hornady shoot best out of my 350 legend. It’s all what your gun likes. It cost me a lot to find out on my short mag 😂

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Cameron B

South Carolina

Saved by the grace of God at seven, ground/stalking hunter; Appalachian and BlueRidge Mountain hunter; helper to others in finding places to hunt in the mountains and other places.

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