Improving My DP Set: Tips for a Successful Night of Trapping

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    Here is what I use to do when I ran a trap like for 20 years. My only bait was either dog food and I would take minnows put a bunch in a jar burry them in the summer until winter when you pull them out you have super juice. Few drops of that and you will catch everything on the spectrum I caught coyote, fox, bobcat coon skunk possum you name it. I am sure there are more less old school people use these days but that always worked great for me.

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    Ease up on the bait. I like marshmallows as attention getter and some molasses and corn for bait in trap. Only two or three mini marshmallows for attraction

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    I put half of a marshmallow in bottom of trap underneath the trigger. Gets them every time some times double paws in the trap.

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    Switched to a marshmallow below the trigger and was tickled to have this waiting for me!

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    @Nick that’s a nice catch. Looks like a prime hide on him. Good job keep catching them👍.

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    Oddly enough, we used lucky charms cereal in Arkansas a few years back and it worked great for us. Until the cereal got wet. Think we ended up with around 52 that year.

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