Improving Archery Skills: Tips for Better Accuracy and Consistency

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    Practice makes perfect

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    @Wade that is does

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    Yep, remember to calm down and breathe. A little helpful advice to go along with this, when you are drawing the bow, going into your anchor, leveling and then aiming the bow. Say those steps out loud to yourself. Say draw, anchor, level, aim. Your aiming needs to be automatic, your pin is going to float trust that float, it's just the super computer that God gave all of us in your noggin making sure that what you are aiming at is still there. What you should be looking at is what you want your arrow to hit, focus on it like you are focusing on a particular detail on a painting and pin your pin there. This allows your aiming to be automatic, your only job after this is too squeeze that trigger as slowly as possible. To help with this just keep saying squeeze squeeze etc until eventually your bow goes off.

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    @Brandon thanks so much! ☺️

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    @Rachel not a problem at all. At first this process will drive you crazy, your brain is going to hate it at first because it is trying to cause you to "brace for an explosion". Just remember every step. And only do what you say. Draw, you draw. Anchor, you find your anchor. Level, level the bubble in your bowsight. Aim, focus on the particular small detail you want to hit and your pin will follow. Then squeeze, squeeze, etc. Obviously when you have a big Ole buck in front of you you're not going to say it out loud lol, just whisper or say those things in your head. You got this.

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    @Brandon thanks! I’m hoping this year will be the year I get a bow Buck!

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Rachel N


Started hunting October 2022 and have really grown to love it! Nothing like being in Gods awesome outdoors!

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