Illegal Poaching on My Property: Disturbing Trail Camera Evidence and a Decapitated Deer

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  • Noah's avatar

    I hate poachers so much. They are the people who give hunters a bad name

  • Chris's avatar

    I’ve had it happen to me more than once. I feel your pain. As well as the slob hunters that blast away at everything.

  • John's avatar

    Same thing has happened too me. No respect for other people

  • Casi's avatar

    Wow what a piece of shit they are! Take the head and not the meat. Sorry it happen to you but I'm glad you caught it on camera. Did it happen in private property? 😒

  • Isaiah's avatar

    @Casi it is a shame. And yeah it was on private property

  • Isaiah's avatar

    @Casi it is a real shame. And yes ma’am it was on private land

  • Craig's avatar

    Low life’s ! Hope y’all catch and they are prosecuted.

  • Chris's avatar

    Right now I’m dealing with the neighboring properties letting all their friends and relatives come and just blast away at anything that moves.

  • Isaiah's avatar

    @Chris yeah that’s a super frustrating spot to be in! Had that going on for a couple years a while back

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Isaiah S


Graduate of Asbury University and first generation outdoorsman. I am passionate about my faith and the great outdoors! You can find me hunting suburban whitetail, chasing toms through the hills of Kentucky, or free-birding it out of my truck!

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