Identifying Wildlife in Southwest GA: Can You Help?

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Question For The Community
  • Brian's avatar

    It looks like a bear but it’s hard to tell

  • U.P.'s avatar

    2 of them...whatever they are.

  • Danny's avatar

    Does kind of look like a bear. I hunt outside of Edison Ga and we don’t have any that we know of. Maybe you’ll get a better picture of it

  • Brad's avatar

    @Brian that’s what I’m seeing too, I’ve been told they’ve been seen close by but never seen one myself

  • Brad's avatar

    @Danny I’m hoping I do, it’d be pretty cool to have some on camera. I’ve been told there’s some near the Thomas county colquitt county line which is pretty close to where this was.

  • Danny's avatar

    @Brad. If it is you’ll have to watch your feeders. I’ve never deer hunted where there are bears but understand they can be very destructive to feeders

  • Brad's avatar

    @Danny Yeah I’ve got a buddy who hunts in middle ga and has a ton of bears he hates them. They can’t have feeders.

  • Emerson's avatar

    Bear or maybe a hog

  • Brad's avatar

    @Emerson that was my first and second guess as well.

  • Hiking's avatar

    Black bears

  • Dylan's avatar

    Definitely bears

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