Identifying a Mysterious Insect in California - Can You Help?

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    Well me and my family moved from that state of confusion over 30 years ago. But I think they’re called Parasitic Money Sucking Political leaches. But I might be wrong. But I don’t believe I am.

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    We call them mosquito hawks

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    @Jon 😂😂😂 yeah I can’t wait to get out of this commie state.

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    @Beau we have ones that we call mosquito hawks too that look like a large skeeter but this one is like a mosquito hawk on steroids lol

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    Looks like an illegal immigrant to me. The right thing to do is get rid of it before it spreads and take resources from the native bugs but your governor would probably have you give it a debit card and a plane ticket🤔😂

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    @Darren 🤣😂

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    @Dustin RUN FORREST RUN. My wife and I met there 38 years ago. And having lived there long enough we had enough. And I’m glad we left. Good luck

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    @Darren and don’t forget all the social benefits that come along with crossing the border.

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    @Dustin the bug app I use says it's a giant western crane fly

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