Identifying a Bird on My Game Camera in the Panhandle of Texas

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  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Appears to be a bittern, Chuck, or possibly a night heron.

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    @Gobbler those breast feathers are something else

  • Mike's avatar

    If I had to guess, I’d say green heron. They’re a little darker up here so I’m not sure

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Chuck or maybe that is his back?

  • Derek's avatar

    Might be a green heron? Maybe just an odd angle on it. We get them here quite a bit.

  • Derek's avatar

    What Mike said! I just read his comment, haha.

  • David's avatar

    It's his back and it's most likely a Green Heron. A Least Bittern is roughly the same size but darker on the back and you would see a white line around the wings.

  • Mike's avatar

    Green heron or Louisiana heron maybe

  • Mike's avatar

    @Mike neck maybe too short tho for Louisiana heron

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Chuck S


Life long hunter and outdoor guy. Believe that a trophy is different for everyone, some are blessed enough to hunt high fence and exotic locations some just hunt their backyard. I believe each person should be just as proud of their harvest no matter where it comes from or what a tape measure or scale tells you about it. Only possible because a big loving God created them for us to have dominion over.

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