Hunting Across Louisiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Mississippi at 13: Lessons Learned and Tips for Gobblers in 2022

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    Sounds like a good year!!

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    @Eli it was a amazing year

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    @lucas surprised you're done already!! I'm on week 3 of 7 weeks of turkey season!!

  • lucas's avatar

    @Eli louisana starts in march 26 so we have been going for a while

  • Eli's avatar

    @lucas wow that is an early sesson!season!! How'd you do in all those states??

  • lucas's avatar

    @Eli killed 2 in louisana 1 in mississippi 1 in oklahoma and 0 in wisconsin

  • Eli's avatar

    @lucas heckuva good year from the sounds of it!!

  • lucas's avatar

    @Eli man i was so blessed to get the opportunity to do as much as i did

  • Lisa's avatar

    Congrats and welcome to GoWild, Lucas

  • Bradley's avatar

    Outstanding job brother!!!!

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  • Brandon's avatar

    Awesome! And Indiana hasn’t started yet 😂

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lucas b


Been hunting since i was 10 now i’m 14 and i have found so much love for the sport

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