Huge 490# Boar Down! A Successful Bear Hunt with Cold-Trailing Dogs

  • Mark's avatar

    Congratulations! Nice size bear.

  • T.J.'s avatar

    Awesome bear. Congrats to all!!!

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @Mark sure was! Had a big head on him. Going to get it measured eventually

  • Derek's avatar

    Wow! Very impressive! Congratulations to you all!

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @Derek some of the photos just don’t do it justice. The whole crew was a bit shocked to see the scale bounce between 489 & 490 before settling on 490

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jeanine that's so awesome! I definitely have never seen a bear that big.

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @Derek I’ve only seen bears that big in other peoples photos and some trail cam photos.

  • Brian's avatar

    Wow what a trophy!! Congratulations

  • Lauren's avatar

    What a bear! I’m so glad old boy got to have one out down to him too so he could enjoy it!

  • Tom's avatar

    Beautiful. Congratulations

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @Lauren for sure! She’s had a number of bears killed that she treed, she’s treed bears by herself, survived a wolf attack and the surgery that followed, and it was great to see her tree a bear that the hubby got the chance to kill. Took 12 years to draw a tag in our zone. 😳

  • Cowboy's avatar

    Dang… congrats!

  • Joe's avatar

    That’s insane bud !! Congratulations 👌

  • Adam D's avatar

    That is a dude for sure! Congrats!

  • Steve's avatar

    @Jeanine long wait but worth it.

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @David Buttry

  • Jeanine's avatar

    Most of the crew minus two guys

  • Jeanine's avatar

    Big ol head on him. Probably going to get it measured.

  • Jeanine's avatar

    Melanite. Started the bear and helped tree it.

  • Jeanine's avatar

    Sapphire. Started and treed the bear with just her and Mel

  • Jeanine's avatar

    Guy in the grey is 6’3” for perspective. The bear broke that branch he’s sitting on after he was shot.

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