How to Tell Your Parents About GoWild Without Getting in Trouble

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    Samuel.....your heart is beautiful.
    I have to think how I would feel, if I was in your folks shoes and Adam was in yours. I would have more respect for Adam if he told me. But I think if he came to me and said, "Mom, I would like to talk to you soon about something important to me, can we pick a good time for you and Dad to sit with me? It isn't anything bad, but I want your support."
    Maybe that would work? It would for me. But then I couldn't wait for a time and I'd want to know right then. Lol. Someone else may have a better idea.
    Also, I think maybe having your folks physically talk on the phone with some of those on your buddy list. Or my next message will have a guy that is part of the GoWild team and I think he would be a great person to talk to your folks. I'll put his name below, and I hope he doesn't mind me suggesting him. If he can't talk to them, I have no problem talking to them. I'm female, but I have my feet planted so deep into the soil of God's Word that I consider myself very fierce about protecting the youth from any snares the enemy tries to use. Make sense? But think about it.
    Again, maybe someone else has some other ideas that you might feel more comfortable with.

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  • Lisa's avatar

    Pst, I don't have any other social media BUT GoWild.
    I also don't watch ANYTHING on TV but some very old shows. I don't watch the News. I am weird, lol, in the sense that I don't live like a lot of people do. I am 110% perfectly fine with this. I say all that because I probably would understand your folks view point. I think the internet is toxic! But I also realize through all the sludge out there, one can find a few good things (VERY few).
    They clearly love you, and I know you know that.

    If you talk to them, and they agree to talk to some people here, you're welcome to share my website first
    and have them DM me for my phone?
    Totally up to you.

    And Samuel, you're doing the right thing. Well done! I'll be praying the Lord give you peace in the direction HE wants you to go with approaching them. And that HE is with your parents during any discussions you may have.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    The longer you are on the app without their knowledge, the less likely they will be to allow you to stay on. Also, it will be much worse if they discover your doing this in any way other than you confessing. I am 100% against all other social media avenues and not even 100% sold on GW, but my kids and I do this together. Although it might be hard to believe, they are making decisions based on the best info they have with your best interest at heart. Lastly, don’t love this app more than your parents. Good luck and remember, doing what is right, is always the right thing to do.

  • Zach's avatar

    @RKE I agree with you.
    Samuel, I've been in your shoes before. My parents don't like social media either but I showed them GoWild and talked it over with them. I'm hoping your parents allow you to stay on!🙏

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    I never really considered go wild a social media site. I believe it’s a community app.

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    It would probably be best to let your parents know sooner rather than later. I’m not a parent, but I’d assume they don’t want you on any social media because most of it is pretty negative and not a very good influence to people of any age really. But, I’m thinking if they check out GoWild they’ll see it’s a really positive community of people, and doesn’t have the negative aspects that other apps have. Maybe they’ll even want to join, too, or let you stay on if they can see what you’re posting on the app?

  • Lisa's avatar

    It has been a couple days, I see no new posts.....🙈. I am praying your folks are supportive, my young friend.

    Btw, in our talks about health, I wanted to give you an update about Adam. The Cardiologist ran tests and the conclusion was, he has a non alcoholic fatty liver.😭 So our eating habits drastically changed since that day. He is 100% activity involved in getting better. Prayers still appreciated.

    Hope to see you back🙏

  • Lisa's avatar

    I see your "upvote" on my last comment!

  • Dave's avatar

    @Lisa , looks like they may have disallowed us. I sure hope they have better pass time for him to communicate and learn outdoor skills.

  • Dave's avatar

    @Lisa not to mention all the other trails like faith and DIY stuff etc……….

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Dave I appreciated last night that he hopped on and upvoted my last comment. He shows respect to his buddies and cares. His parents have a treasure.

    Isn't it great that he has the kind of inner man that he chose to do the right thing, despite the consequences? I'm so proud of him. It shows such strength, doesn't it! I know a lot of adults that could learn that. There are so many weak Christians that try to do things under the radar, and their conscience gets shoved back temporarily. I'm so impressed that at his young age, he is fully aware. His parents clearly are doing a fantastic job with him. I agree with you, Dave.....and it's sad. The phrase, "throw the baby out with the bathwater," crosses my mind - meaning his parents have good intentions, but maybe they just need time to check GoWild out.🤷‍♀️

    GoWild, like our buddy above mentioned isn't 100% as clean as it should be. There are some blatant Jezebel's on here that truthfully seem unaware that they need to quit doing provocative things. No respect given to married men and women, or the youth. I brought one such person up to the staff, showing the gal's post, and they thought it was ok.🤦‍♀️ And my heart broke over the number of men following her...including some well respected men (by me) that are married. So I blocked her and removed some of those men off of my FOLLOWING list.

    🥺 Then we have people on here on occasion talking about and showing alcohol. 👎🏼👎🏼 I have a very weird, not normal view on alcohol, lol, and I find those that drink it to be weak. Sorry, that is a strong statement. Is that wrong of me? Maybe. But if I heard one person say, "I just drink one or two because I like the taste," I'd say how would you feel if you saw Billy Graham drinking a beer(before he passed away)?

    I don't know Dave, it makes me sad what Samuel is facing. But I truly applaud his courage. If he is making decisions now, like he is....he will do well in life I believe. He is respecting the authority in his lif

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Dave Well.....the ending of my comment got cut off......🥺. Would be nice if there was some sort of "warning" that one has run out of available space.

    I merely mentioned that Samuel is respecting the authority in his life-his parents. And that God honors that. David, in the Bible, respected authority....and it is written thar David was after God's own heart. God rose him up and gave him mercy when he sinned. So it I'd nice to see Samuel showing respect towards his parents.

    Hopefully they can come here and see it is a nice platform. And they can start trusting Samuel, as he clearly has been taught well. I have been working at showing and teaching trust to my two sons. I'm so far from perfect and they see me mess up time and again, so they are learning grace too.

    Anyway, thanks for being a great buddy to me Dave. Sorry I'm so chatty. I don't get a chance to talk much.😉

  • Dave's avatar

    @Lisa lol

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Dave I appreciate your DM.....nothing wrong with being bold in front of others.
    I tried to delete my messages, because I don't want it to hurt Samuel's cause. However, the 3dots that show the "Delete comment," isn't working. I reported it.

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