How to catch Albert the bass?

  • Joseph's avatar

    Bow and arrow perhaps. Hahaha

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Joseph oh trust me that was what I was going to do I till I found out it’s illegal here

  • Tyler's avatar

    Have you tried a wacky rig max scent general? Ned rig?

  • Tyler's avatar

    @Rachel also if you know the area he is in slip in quietly on a new day and cast from way back where he can’t see you.

  • Wade's avatar

    Have you tried a live minnow

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Tyler I have not thanks!

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Wade I haven’t but they are all around the bank so I could get one and try it

  • Dave's avatar

    He may be guarding eggs in this case he won’t eat, but you may aggravate him with a shining wobbler lure ? Also you could wait for rain when the water is murky and try rubber worm and or the wobbler ????

  • Dave's avatar

    Also he could be lethargic from the heat of the sun where you are trying, try back there under the cover of those overhanging branches ????

  • Manny's avatar

    Catch a small sunfish and cast it near that bass. It will eat it

  • Johnny's avatar

    wacky rig

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Rachel N


Started hunting October 2022 and have really grown to love it! Nothing like being in Gods awesome outdoors!

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