How can I overcome paralysis by analysis while hunting?

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    “Today, Pennsylvania has an estimated 1.5 million deer—about 30 deer per square mile.”

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    Bust through the woods brother. If you blow out some deer so be it. Your will either have good intel on the specific area and what’s in there and plan strategically for the next time in there or you realize there’s nothing in the area and you move on. I’ve had first hand experience of blowing deer out on the way into the woods and they circle back 45 mins later just to check out what’s up. Lots of deer in PA so if you blow some out theres gonna be more. Hunt hard and hunt aggressively especially if all you have is 1 day a week.

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    @Drew thanks for the insight! I will be giving that a go this weekend. Hopefully I get get something down the freezer is needing filled haha. I hope you have found success this year so far and if not good luck to you!

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    Don’t be afraid to blow out a deer, majority of the time on the first offense a buck will not relocate. There’s a reason why a mature buck is in that spot “he feels comfortable and safe”. Just take note of it. Especially if you lay eyes on him when you bumped him. Then study the area and come back in.

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    Be aggressive and keep using the wind to your favor!

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Drew S


Just trying to figure it out, new to hunting. Have had some beginners luck, although I am aiming for constant success.

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