How are others packing their saddle gear?

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    @Brandon: It's great to see your saddle gear setup! Saddle hunting has gained popularity among hunters for its versatility and mobility. While everyone's setup may vary based on personal preferences and specific hunting needs, here are some common items hunters pack in their saddle gear:

    1. Saddle: The main component of saddle hunting, providing a comfortable and secure platform for hunters.

    2. Tether and Lineman's Belt: These safety devices help hunters stay connected to the tree while climbing and hunting from the saddle.

    3. Climbing Aid: This can include climbing sticks, tree steps, or a climbing system to ascend and descend trees safely.

    4. Platform or Saddle Bag: Some hunters prefer to use a platform or saddle bag to store their gear, such as calls, binoculars, and other essentials.

    5. Haul Line: A rope or cord used to raise and lower gear, including backpacks, weapons, and other bulky items.

    6. Safety Harness: It's essential to wear a safety harness even when using a saddle. This provides an additional layer of protection in case of a fall.

    Remember, safety should always be a top priority when saddle hunting. It's crucial to practice proper tree stand safety techniques and use SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I’m brand new to saddle hunting this year. I think I’m going to go with the @Trophyline lumbar pack. I got a used trophy line mission platform, which is huge, and I think that pack be the best option to use. I’m waiting on my latitude sticks, which I think I’ll attach to the bottom of the pack. My only pause is the storage space on that pack.

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    I’ll be using the XOP Mondo this year & wearing that in. Running the XOP Retrograde as my hybrid stand/platform, where that in with the Gamma pack!

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    @James I like the alps pack I have, the front holds my platform pretty well, it’s a little tight but works, and the sticks I pack two on either side fold down my top steps and rest the first one of the stack in the side pouches on the pack. But I have plenty of storage space in my pack, I’m running a hydration pack in there this season to save some space from having the water bottle but I could fit a camera and camera arm in there if I decide to do that this year. I’ve been wanting to expand and start self filming for a bit now.

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    @Brandon I

  • James's avatar

    @Brandon I will have to look into one of those packs. I run an alps pack for my all day treestand sits. I’m also thinking about starting to film some myself too.

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    @James nice man best of luck to you out there this year!

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    @Brandon you too!

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    I wear the saddle on, then most of the saddle stuff is attached to the saddle or on a small pack on my back.

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    @Brandon I bought an internal frame pack on amazon. It has more than enough room to add extra stuff when I need to and plenty of strap options on the outside/back of the pack. I run the Trophyline Mission platform and 4 mini sticks. With the cutouts on the platform for the sticks, I just stack the sticks and tie them down with those rubber coated twist ties, then strap it all to the pack.

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    This is what I settled on last year.

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    invest in a better platform first. i used to have that one and it is awful. it’s worth trading up, even to someone as conservative as me

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    @Blake really? I’ve climbed with mine a few times and honestly love it. I added that grip tape to the platform and honestly It made it feel great!

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    @Brandon if you know someone with a different one try it. i hunted with it all season last year. it’s not unusable juts unstable and loud

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    @Blake I don’t currently have the money to switch now but I’m gonna hunt with it this year and see how I feel about it by the end of the season , thank you for your advice though man!

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    @Gage Lawson I've done both, and in my opinion you can't overlook the napping advantage offered by a climber! 😴

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    I bought the exomountain 3300 pack ,its expensive but worth it. It gives me the ability to put my paltform along with my hunting jacket and bibs all stuffed right into the pack ( this is money on those long walks cutting down on sweating). I strap my sticks on
    the back of the pack . The top lid i use for all my other stuff( release/light/knife et.) it also has two side pouches for anything else. The entire pack comes off the frame and you can pack out an animal if your really far back or in some nasty hills. Ive had mine for 5 seasons and its still in great shape i highly reccomend it.

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    @James you will have to let me know how you like them. I'm a fan of Latitude stuff. I ended up going with the Loan Custom Wolf Double step sticks.

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    @Tony I will. They say they are shipping now in order they were received. I ordered within 15 minutes of the pre sale going live so I’m hoping soon.

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    I use a Mystery Ranch Metcalf to haul in my setup. It is 1000% overkill, but it will work double duty when I get started mule deer and elk hunting out west, and it also grants me the option to pack out whitetails.

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