Heath Hyatt Unveiled: Listen Now!

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  • Danny's avatar

    What you was thinkin was, “ Kate and Spook just jumped, pack his ass!!!” Nice job bud. I need to try that bear doggin. I ran deer hounds for 20 yrs and I do miss it sometimes.

  • Derek's avatar

    Dang! I can't wait to hear this one! Might want to pack that boy out! Wish I could help.

  • Roy's avatar

    Yup you will need some help bud lol, I’m from souther NM, I’m a wild land firefighter, and been on that side of your country, you guys have some steep hills over there, I always think I be kicking butt when we get an assignment to VA or around the area coming from higher elevation but it doesn’t seem to matter, I still get my but kick hiking the AT and around your hills, God bless those friends that come when need it !

  • Heath's avatar

    @Roy couldn’t do much without them.

  • Brandon's avatar

    what caliber handgun do you carry for bear hunting

  • Heath's avatar

    @Brandon I carry at Taurus Titanium 41 mag. It’s super light and I rarely use it.

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