Hooked on Steelhead Fishing: My Painful 6 Hour Trip

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    I guess I’d try the knot trick. Hope it works out for ya. Was it not barbless?

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    @Mike it was not barbless, it came out. tried the string trick. didn't work. I almost pissed myself.

    Then another guy watching me grabbed some pliers and pulled it out since I loosened it up real good...with the string trick.

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    Son of a…

  • Trayton's avatar

    Time for the pliers i had to dig some jigs out my fingers my back and all before

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    @Dripfish ouch……

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    Ouch. Leave it in. Finish the day. Be A man. 😉

  • Manny's avatar

    Lol just pull that sucker out with pliers and keep slaying chrome. Been there a few times

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    If it was a big crank bait I would be concerned but its just a small fly yank it out! 😂

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