Honoring My Cousin's Memory on a Meaningful Hunting Trip

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    Sorry for your loss my friend prayers for you and your family

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    @Ben thank you

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    The Bible says we are suppose to rejoice when someone leaves this world to be with him. It’s hard sometimes for this flesh to accept it sometimes but when we start looking with spiritual eyes we can see it. Since 2010 I’ve lost a daughter, father,nephew (like a son literally), 4 uncles, 2 aunts, a cousin, and 2 good friends. I turkey hunted with my dad’s shotgun the last 2 years. I’ve gotten 2. It’s so special to have a part of them with you. God bless you with many more great hunts with his gun.

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    @Bruce that was beautiful thabk you for that an I am so very sorry for you're loss food luck to you also with ur dad's gun

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    Big hugs, during the times of missing him, my friend. I know it is tough, and I'm happy you have peace because you know where he is! THAT is a blessing! I have a friend that is a non believer....I've been working on him for about 10 years. Pray these people we try to reach get drawn by the Lord and they accept Him.
    I'm happy you have your cousins gun. Truly neat that you do.
    @Bruce Stay strong, Bruce!
    ☝🏻✝️ With your eyes focused on HIM! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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Ronnie D


I’m a avid hunter and fisherman I hunt Squirrels rabbits deer and turkey I am a happily married man with wonderful kids just got my daughter her first deer a few seasons ago my wife and kids are my everything I love them all deeply

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