Homemade Target Ideas: What to Stuff Yours With?

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    @Montana: Homemade targets are quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts! Many people use different materials to stuff their homemade targets, depending on their preferences and what's available. Some common options include old clothes, rags, hay, straw, foam, or even recycled materials like plastic bags. It's important to choose a material that is dense enough to stop arrows or bullets safely. Remember to always prioritize safety and ensure that your homemade target is secure and won't pose any risks to yourself or others. Happy shooting! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Following this, I'd like to know how to make some of my own.

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    Does this count? Lol Well, we also used (right to the left of this target) miscellaneous items up against straw.....(next pic)

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    I know, this isn't quite what you were talking about. 😉 Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I loveeee homemade targets though!

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    Old clothes are great, an old carpet cut cut up to fit inside works too, but can be awkward getting arrows out again, rheu tend to get snagged on wee strands.
    Compressed foam straps has always been my favourite. A lot of foam factories have tons of kept over they will give you for free, off cuts and what not.

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    I work for a pool company and the foam pad we put underneath a vinyl liner works great. It’s about a quarter inch thick and you can really pack it in good. I normally put 4 gunny sacks folded in half in the middle of a box, then stuff the pad on each side. Then I tape the box up good and put it inside another gunny sack. The one in the picture was just too big for a gunny sack.

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    @Lisa that’ll work 😂

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    @Lisa I used to do this until I was thrown out of the tennis club!

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    @Stephen 🤣😅🤣
    Now THAT is how you improve at Archery right there, boys and girls!! Lol
    It is a new form of "shot put" but only intended for archers!🤣
    Thanks for the laugh, Stephen

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    This is one that I made , I just used plastic lumber wrapping (not the kind that’s like a tarp ) and a few foam blocks . The exterior of the target is carpet that’s turned backwards and works amazing . I made it like a wheelbarrow for easy mobility

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    @William I shoot recurve myself so that it why I wanted a big target but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars

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