Hoffner: 10 Years in LE

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    Thank you! I know it can’t be easy these days, but there’s a lot of us support & appreciate what you’re doing for us!

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    @Arne thank you I appreciate it!

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    Congrats man👊. This year will be 29 for me😳. Time flies…..

  • James's avatar

    @Mike man congrats on that long on the job! I don’t know if I could make it that long!

  • Mike's avatar

    @James the first 25 we’re awesome. Did and seen it all almost. My favorite stretch was as the Detective Captain. The last 4 have been as undersheriff and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, haha. Mostly a desk jockey that deals with admin BS….but, I still lead by example and get into it when I can. Just not near enough, and the climate for us has changed so much I’m about over it…. Stay safe brother!

  • James's avatar

    @Mike yeah the climate has definitely made the job not nearly as enjoyable. I hear ya with the desk job I keep putting off going in for detective, for the thought of sitting in an office all day at times makes my skin crawl… you stay safe as well sir!

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James L

New York

Husband, Father of two beautiful girls, Police Officer.

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