Hiking to the Top of Big Sky Resort: A-Z Shoots Video Tour

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snow sports6H 0M
  • Lisa's avatar

    Awesome to see you out and about!

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    @Lisa Unfortunately this was about 2 months ago, but I have gotten to get out here or there every once in awhile. How is Adam? (I hope that is right) The doctors decided that they are completely stumped, and have no idea what is going on with me.

  • Lisa's avatar

    😔 Ohhhh how I was hoping this was recent. I continue to pray.
    Adam has low energy. He does like 5 minutes of low cardio and that is about it. I keep an eye on him. There is absolutely nothing that is crucial that he must do. Period. Ya know? Health is more important. He has a 12 page college paper he is working on, for example. He was so stressed about it yesterday (he got the rough draft done but then saw there was an element of the assignment he overlooked). I told him that this time next week, next month,next year...none of this will matter. So let the stress go like water on a duck's back. Nothing on this planet is worth his health being compromised.

    So thanks so much for asking, Samuel, and thanks for praying for him! I can't tell you how much it means to me/us! I expect to see you, Adam, Adam's friend Payton to all have successful beautiful lives, in Jesus' name!🙏

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Lisa I will continue to pray for all of you, including you to keep going and taking care of him in the best way that you are able. I'm glad you said that about the essay. I've been stressing about a minimum 10 page finals essay. It is hard to let go, even when your parents say so, but I will try to step down some, and let things be alittle less stressful. I think you and my mom would get along g quite well.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Beautiful! I'm so glad you have a mom with this kind of mindset also! My heart hurts over the youth that don't have that. Adam's best friend was told by his own dad that he would be a loser if he didn't go to college. Absolutely broke my heart!💔 He wants to pursue welding or another trade.
    Let's keep praying that God continues to comfort the broken hearted, that He directs our steps. It sure is challenging when we are attacked, in whatever manner. So again, I'm so happy you have good and Godly parents! We'll, if your Mom ever wants a chatting buddy, she can find me here, of course or thru my little website.
    And Samuel, please do listen to your Mom about that essay .....in the grand scheme of things, it isn't that important. Like I told Adam last night, "You're a hard worker, greatly motivated, and you do the best you can. If ya hit a road block, take a step back and come back later. Or talk to me about it and maybe a new set of eyes can open up more avenues on how to attack the problem. "

    Sorry, this was long.
    You're doing great Samuel🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Lisa Thanks for the encouraging words Lisa. I'm about to post a video from today at the same place. It looks a little bit different with 2 feet of freshly fallen snow. I was able to hike some, and ski some, but I think that I will crash very soon. By the way, my mom is very suspicious of a long covid sort of thing. She has had me on an ivermectin routine, which has been shown to help very much, along with nicotine, of course I'm not on nicotine. I feel like the Ivermectin has been helpful for me some. It might help Adam. 1ml orally in water every day for one week, then take a week break from it, then do one more round for another week.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thank you for sharing that about the Ivermectin. I'm in agreement with your Mom.....I think covid made some changes within people longer than anticipated. It makes me both sad and infuriates me. I will trust the Lord. I screenshot your message and will share it with his father. I know he was talking about getting Adam in to see his doctor (who had prescribed ivermectin to him-Adam'sDad-, back when he had covid).

    I'm glad you got out today Samuel!
    Will always cheer you guys on

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I am an avid big game and bird hunter. Also a trout fisherman. I breed, and train English Field Cocker Spaniels. I love tying flies, building fly rods and of course fly fishing. God is always first, and above all other.

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