Hidden Treasures: Discovering Antique Gems in My New Rural House

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  • Derek's avatar

    Nice! That's an incredible find!

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  • Tommy's avatar

    How lucky can you be? Dang what a treasure find!

  • Nick's avatar

    Damn, wish I was that lucky. Our family’s gotta fix my great grandfathers old 30-30 and his double barrel shotgun.

  • Josh's avatar

    What’s the SXS exposed hammers awesome I’ve got a kcal smith with exposed hammers

  • Kevin's avatar

    The third one in from the left...awesome. And that one on the right! Clean em up and shoot em if you can!

  • Steve's avatar

    They all seem to perform a function test properly even the 1889 marlin lever action !

  • Kyle's avatar

    Awesome find for sure!

  • Lock's avatar

    What is the pump with the magazine? Second from left .

  • Steve's avatar

    It’s a jc Higgins 22 lr the barrel is octagon shaped on the outside.

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  • Steve's avatar

    @Derek yes I was so surprised

  • Steve's avatar

    @Nick it will be worth it I’m sure

  • Steve's avatar

    @Lock it’s a 1903 savage 22 rifle

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  • Steve's avatar

    @Josh no idea the only markings it has is the year 1879 and it says international on the receiver

  • Lock's avatar

    @Steve want to sell it ?

  • Steve's avatar

    @Lock not at this time but If I do in the future I’ll let ya know

  • Lisa's avatar

    How I came upon this cool post; I went to my first post on GoWild, and saw your "welcome." Came to browse your posts. And I absolutely love this! Made me think how maybe, if we were wise....people maybe should hide some guns like that, maybe even within walls🤔 This is absolutely an awesome find! Happy for you!!👍🏻👍🏻

  • Steve's avatar

    @Lisa thanks Lisa!

  • Steve's avatar

    @Lisa as

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