Herd Management: Taking the Shot?

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hunting5H 0M
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    No. Only because we pay to have ours butchered. The bigger the better!

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    I probably would've, because if that was me sitting and taken the shot, he would be my first ever deer taken in any way. That fever would've taken over and would make sure I got that first. That'd be the only reason I'd take him. Any other time with having taken a few then no I'd let him walk.

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    I would have let him grow couple more years so I could look at him every day on my living room wall

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    Its a personal choice. Right now we are trying to get a bit older age class on the property we hunt but when I first started I would have taken him. We have lots of does when it comes to filling the freezer. It is hard when the neighbors don’t have the same philosophy, and they are everybody’s deer.

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    You made the right choice in my opinion

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