Hunting: Be Kind, Be Humble, Be Safe

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scouting & hunting prep2H 0M
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    I've always hunted with lever 30-30. Solid dependable.

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  • Turbo's avatar

    Couldn't be said any better....Hunter shaming is ridiculous!!! 😁👍

  • Michael's avatar

    Well said

  • John's avatar

    You got that right! Hope everybody has a great season this fall 👊

  • Larry's avatar

    That's my gun too. Passed down to me from my grandfather and will be passed down to my son when he is ready. Very well said on sharing others for what they use or what they harvested. To many people think they are the next big tv star and think that it's all about the antlers. Hopefully they will figure it out one day but in the mean time those of us in the know will keep on spreading the word that everything is a trophy no matter it's size or the weapon you used to take it!!! Best of luck to you this season

  • Steve's avatar

    The 30-30 is a classic! Its a part of our American hunting heritage for sure!

  • Jackson's avatar

    Its a great gun ,still wish I had my marlin 3030

  • Dean's avatar

    Great lesson and good word of advice. My wife loves her 30-30 that her father gave her many years ago She has never deer hunted without it.

  • Jeff's avatar

    My favorite gun to hunt with!!! I bought both of my kids one

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    Big g)h)h. Th’t in nttt. T. Ttnhtthen b mine

  • Michael's avatar

    Awesome! My wife brought me her fathers marlin .30-30 as a gift for me. I’m going deer hunting in Minnesota this year for the opening of rifle season!! Can’t wait!!!

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Hayley L


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