Harvesting a Trophy Buck

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Whitetail Buck

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  • Scott's avatar

    Nice buck!!

  • Leonard's avatar

    Great buck congrats

  • Chris's avatar


  • Robert's avatar

    Congrats pretty buck👊

  • John's avatar

    Congrats sweet buck!!! How do you like the tactacam? I got one for Christmas and am pumped to get something on video. Went yesterday but it didn’t come together. Going to try again Tuesday morning

  • Troy's avatar

    He is a beauty. Great story too.

  • Jeff's avatar


  • Steve's avatar


  • Ferg's avatar

    Congrats Samantha, hell of a buck. Love the details, great share

  • Brad's avatar

    Wow congrats!

  • Larry's avatar

    Great hunt. Congratulations.

  • Dan's avatar

    Why do you have hashtags?

  • Ronnie's avatar

    Beautiful buck congrats

  • Samantha's avatar

    @Dan i just copied what I posted from insta. 😂 I wasn't typing that all out again.

  • Justin's avatar

    Way to go Samantha👍🏻

  • Jenn's avatar

    Enjoyed reading this play by play! Nice one. Congratulations @Samantha

  • Duncan's avatar


  • Todd's avatar

    Wow, congratulations!!

  • Greg's avatar

    Awesome buck!

  • Stephen 🦌🦝's avatar

    Awesome Buck and a great story to! Congratulations!

  • Brian's avatar

    Nice buck. Congrats

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Samantha F

North Dakota

A Outdoor Enthusiasts chasing a dream. I want to experience as much of Gods creation as I can in this one life. Instagram: @grlnxtdoor24 Tactacam Team Member #RCGBrandChampion Dark Mountain athlete

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