Harvesting a Broken Cow

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  • Noah's avatar

    That’s a bummer. But good on you for making the most of it

  • Casi's avatar

    @Noah it happens. We are gonna work on putting up barrier to prevent that from happen again. She jumped over tall panel and got her leg stuck into it and decide to take off took down panel and wooden post. πŸ˜’

  • Lisa's avatar

    I agree ☝🏻....awesome job. Might I ask, in her situation, upon butchering her.....was she pregnant? Or too hard to tell at this stage? Sucks she broke her leg. Was she just struggling during her check? Those mini horses I had, one mare was a wild as a buck. I tried twitching her nose, didnt help, but I could twitch her ear with my hand and constantly push up against her and the fencing, so the vet could float her teeth

  • David's avatar

    Sad you had to put her down and lose a calf on top of it but at least not going to waste. They can be ornery and stubborn as hell. They don't want to do something they won't.

  • Noah's avatar

    @Casi I’ve been there also.

  • David's avatar

    @Lisa been there myself with minis, ponies and horses when I used to help take care of them.

  • Casi's avatar

    @David agreed! It was my first time after many years of ranching. At least I know she’s not suffering anymore. Vet said she would heal but snapped leg overnight.

  • Casi's avatar

    @Lisa no I did not want to gut her up just to see the dead calf. I don’t need to see that myself so I just did gutless method. Yes she’s pregnant suppose to be born March/ April. After it happen I was able to buy bred cow to cover the loss I had.

  • Casi's avatar

    @David thanks she was the last one to go into chute and for some reason she decide to jump over.

  • David's avatar

    @Casi definitely not something to see.

  • Ashley's avatar

    I bet those are going to be some great burgers

  • Casi's avatar

    @Ashley oh yeah it was very delicious! Did add a little fat to it and it came out great! She was a good cow though til the last minute.

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Casi N


Deaf hunter. Love to hunt in the mountain and the eastern plains, camping, fishing, atv riding, and hiking. Blessed to be in God beautiful country when I can get out there! I'm also a cattle rancher. Hard working mom of 2 boys.

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