Learning to Hunt: A New Adventure

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    Start with you local archery shop, they can set you up with a hunting bow and arrows at the right draw length, draw weight and price range. Don’t discount using a cross bow, they are a little simpler to get started with in my opinion. Check you local laws though as I’m not familiar with KY’s archery laws.

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    @Chris thank you!

  • Brian's avatar

    Start at your archery shop, they will help set you up then practice, welcome to GoWild.

  • Harper's avatar

    @Brian thanks,it's good to be here

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    @Brad you told me on LinkedIn to post and ask the community. I did it! thank you for building this

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    @Harper heck yeah. Glad you’re here

  • David's avatar

    Good luck with the journey. Welcome to GoWild.

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    Best advise I can give that has hurt me is practice, practice, practice. Then patients. I love crossbow hunting. They are a little scary at first but worth the effort. Oh yeh, practice. Good luck.

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    I’m pretty new to hunting and very new to archery. One thing my local shop (and a few buddies) told me was to pick a bow and a setup that you are comfortable with. There are plenty of bows that look neat and there are a lot of bells and whistles you can get for a bow. Those bows aren’t going to be as good for you as the one that you know that you can comfortably draw, hold and shoot. Gauge the people at the shop(s) you go to as well. Listen to what they have to say about the bows you try out, but if they try to force feed you the fanciest new model because it shoots 10 fps faster and has the coolest new drop away rest or whatever, go to a different shop. Beyond that, whatever you get, practice, practice, practice. It’s fun and will make you better prepared for when the time comes to take a shot at an animal. Best of luck with all of these endeavors. It’s addicting!

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    you should check out elizabeth brownell. she has a youtube channel called rookie hunting outdoors. was a vegan now avid hunter because she wants to live off the land.

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Harper C


I've been doing stage rally for a couple years with my husband. Of course I walk and hike with my little hound mutt. I just got a mountain bike. Now I'm getting interested in hunting.

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