Hallelujah! I Got a Buck!

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 200 lbs
  • 12
    antler tines
  • 22
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 75
    distance (yards)

Gear tagged in this post


Gear tagged in this post

  • Frank's avatar

    Beautiful deer

  • Joe's avatar

    Amen!! Awesome deer sure looks like a Ky buck. Very rare to get that big of a buck in my area in Va

  • Dillon's avatar

    I’m not gonna lie I thought that was a world record droptine at first

  • Mark's avatar

    nice buck! congratulations!

  • Lisa's avatar

    Wow! Now THAT there is a buck! 😜 Congratulations, Josh!!

  • Josh's avatar

    That’s a good one! I like the character, congrats!

  • Mike's avatar

    That my friend is a stud!

  • Jordan's avatar

    Chocolate rack 😍😍😍

  • Brian's avatar

    That's a stud,love the dark antlers, congratulations! 👊👍

  • Josh's avatar

    I really thought there was a hell of a drop tine at first haha great deer! Kentucky has been providing some giants this year!

  • Tom's avatar

    Congratulations! Beautiful buck

  • Amos's avatar

    Beautiful buck! Praise the Lord!

  • Bradley's avatar

    Beautiful buck, love the dark face and antlers! Congratulations!

  • Josh's avatar


  • Larry's avatar

    congratulations!!!! that is one amazing buck!!!

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the stud buck 👊

  • Josh's avatar

    @David Buttry NC my favorite place other than right here at home !

  • Tom's avatar

    @Josh lived there for 6 years before moving to Kentucky. Feel the same way .

  • Josh's avatar

    @Dave Gray that’s what we called him when he first showed up 3 years ago we hadn’t seen him since then or ever in person but I’m glad he came back 🤩

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Josh H


Kentucky native we Founded Ambassadors for Christ Outdoors in 2001 Jesus is always first Family Country Motorcycles Hunting Fishing

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