Laikas: Treeing Done Right!

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    I’ve never heard of that breed of Dogs, do they run a track good or do they tree by sight? Good looking Dog?

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    @Stephen @Alexander owns the laikas. I get to tag along sometimes. I have hunted bear with him several times as well. Check out his social media he has a lot of great stuff...mostly bear hunting. He is on a a terrific ambassador for the breed. They run hot tracks and really are incredibly inteligent. They have a long history in Russia of hunting everything from squirrel to moose. They engage and tree quickly. Most races are pretty short. From my limited experience the best part is they hunt with and for you keeping track of where you are. There is are some dedicated West Siberian Laika groups on Facebook that hunt squirrel and coons. Alex is on a mission to prove their ability on bear. It's hard to argue with his success. He treed 50 bears this season alone.

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    @GVS That’s Awesome! Most folks in the Coon hunting world hunt Walker’s but I don’t like being like everybody else so I have always been a die hard Bluetick man lol, but I definitely like being or having something different than everyone else so I will be checking them out. Thanks for the info!

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    @GVS What kind of mouth do they have, do they sound like a hound or just a regular bark?

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    laika actually means "barker" in Russian I am told. They just have a sharp bark.

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    @GVS I would like to have one, what’s the price like on that breed? I would like to have one to Coon hunt with my Bluetick.

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    @Stephen Depends I'm sure. There are several groups on Facebook dedicated to Laikas. Lots of guys running squirrels and coons with them in KY and AR.

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    @GVS I want one if I can afford it lol.

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    @Stephen No doubt. Vladimir Beregovoy literally wrote the book on the West Siberian Laika called "Hunting Laika Breeds of Russia". You should read it if you are really interested too.

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    @GVS Thanks for the info. 👍

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