Delicious Bear Burgers!

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  • Efren's avatar

    Good looking bear patties! Just getting into bear hunting that looks very motivating ๐Ÿ’ช

  • Vince's avatar

    noice! I've always wanted to try bear meat. could you describe the flavor?

  • Derek's avatar

    @Vince it's kind of a mix between pork and beef in my opinion. Also can depend on the diet of the bear. I love it.

  • GVS's avatar

    @Vince Don't listen to anyone who says greasy and strong. If it is somebody is bad at butchering or cooking. I had bear a couple times as ground meat and it wasn't so good. Since I decided to try again (and now that I am confident cooking/butchering pretty much anything) any tht I have butchered has little to no gamey flavor. They have a lot of fat like a pig when you butcher. The fat is arguably the best part. I saved every scrap of it and rendered for cooking oil. It is especially good for baking. The meat itself seems a little greasy to handle (look at the raw meat in the photo) but that equates to better flavor and less dry when cooking. Not greasy and fatty (if you butcher and trim right) but nice and moist. It has a little bit of sweetness to it or maybe almost nutty flavor but I doubt you would pin it as anything but really good beef. The grain of the meat is interesting. Fairly loose grain so anything you cut across the grain cooks well and stays pretty tender.

  • GVS's avatar

    @Efren Well worth the effort! My favorite game meat so far I think. Close race with Canadian Geese

  • Casey's avatar

    ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผIt all depends on their diet

  • GVS's avatar

    @Casey very true

  • Vince's avatar

    @GVS thanks for that visual writing! I gotta try that nutty flavor!

  • Vince's avatar

    @Derek amazing!

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