Grilling Season Delight: Venison Steak Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

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    Curious to get a chef’s take, but seeing this prompted me to wonder - would chimichurri work as a dressing on a salad like this? My mind says yes, but I know there are subtle nuances in cuisine that go way beyond my thought of “well, I bet it would taste good.”

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    @Eric Absolutely! Chimichurri is a great idea! I've used it with a slightly different version of a venison steak salad with very similar ingredients you see here, but I also added fresh green beans from our garden. The girls and I loved it. HOT TIP - I might drizzle just a little dressing like this one (Or Chimichurri) on the meat of choice on a salad before serving, but serve bulk of it on side so when clients or my family pack leftovers for lunches it's not soggy. I've got a Chimichurri recipe at if you wanna try it.

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    @Jeff thanks for the tip and I will be checking out your site for sure!

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Jeff B

North Dakota

Jeff Benda is the founder of Wild Game & Fish Media where he works with businesses in the hunting, fishing, and shooting industries. With 25 years of past experience in the restaurant and catering business, he is now a full-time wild game and fish recipe developer and food blogger living in Fargo, North Dakota. PRINTABLE recipes available at:

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