Grill Masters Unite: Help Me Choose the Best Grill - Traeger, Pit Boss, Z Grills, Camp Chef or Something Else?

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    Hi @Sarah! When it comes to grills, there are many great options available, but it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you're looking for a grill that offers versatility and convenience, I would recommend the Traeger grill. It uses wood pellets to infuse your food with a smoky flavor, and you can easily adjust the temperature and cooking time using the digital controls. However, it can be more expensive than other options and requires a power source to operate.

    Another great option is the Pit Boss grill, which is known for its durability and affordability. It offers a large cooking surface and has a temperature range of 180-500°F, making it great for a variety of cooking styles. However, it can be difficult to assemble and may require some maintenance over time.

    Z Grills is another popular brand that offers a range of pellet grills with features like digital controls and automatic pellet feeders. They're also known for their durability and customer service. However, they can be more expensive than other options and may require some assembly.

    Camp Chef is another great brand that offers a range of grills and smokers. They're known for their quality construction and versatile cooking options. However, they can be more expensive SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I only have experience with Traeger and so far(7 years) I have not had one problem with either of the traegers I own. I have the tailgater as well as the pro 780. I use lumberjack pellets or Weber pellets in mine with no issues. My recommendation would be to stay away from the smaller ones as they have hotter hot spots. I like to run my grill with the grate raised up so that it is further away from the heating element. Here are some ribs from this past weekend. I think in todays age all of the pellet grills are pretty much the same.

  • Kleen's avatar

    I have a buddy who has a Pit Boss and he loves it. At my old job they had a Z Grillz and I enjoyed using it. I’m new to the pellet grills but I figure if you get a reputable manufacturer it will be all good 👍🏾

  • Chris's avatar

    Don't ask me I buy cheap stuff and make it work, but if I was looking for something new

  • John's avatar

    I have a pit boss from walmart and love it, hoping to step ip to a larger model on Fathers day…🙏🤞

  • Casey's avatar

    I have some Weber's & they're awesome for us, we have a stainless steel 2 burner propane (fast, easy & will last) and some charcoal kettle ones that have been classic depending on the cook you want, and of them we have set up as a pizza oven. 👍🏼

  • Dane's avatar

    Have been doing my homework and asking around about pellet grills for almost two years without pulling the trigger 😂. But from what I’ve gathered the Camp Chef will be what I go with when I do break down and buy one. As others have mentioned on here already most of them are similar but the build quality, removal of pellet ash, ability to keep clean, and consistency at higher temps puts it at the top of my list. With any of these options consider ordering what you want instead of buying from a chain store. Some of the models made by all of these companies are made with lower quality parts to be sold in big box retailers. You can find an identical model to those but with better quality parts through the brands website. Hope this helps!

  • Kleen's avatar

    @Chris I’ve heard these are pretty good 👍🏾

  • John's avatar

    @Dane at a substantially higher price point… just sayin

  • Chris's avatar

    I have this, wouldn't recommend it unless you wanna spend all day adjusting your fire, it leaks everywhere because it's thin metal and bolted together not welded, but I use a little heavy foil to direct my heat, and use good lump charcoal for heat, and have been able to produce some really good pork and turkey on it

  • Casey's avatar

    @Chris 👍🏼I wore one of those out, they work well like you said you gotta work with it constantly...but it's hard to beat simple, no electricity needed. I made a bigger smokehouse with a wood stove and a bunch of bricks and wood, it still needs monitoring but smoking takes a little effort for results.

  • Chris's avatar

    @Casey that's awesome, I've been looking at old water and mix tanks thinking of building my own offset or maybe even a gravity fed not sure yet

  • Casey's avatar

    @Chris if, when 😄I find a couple tanks I'll build something similar but I'll put it on a little trailer for more options.

  • Casey's avatar

    I like the pizza oven ring thing for the Weber kettle grill. 👍🏼

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    I’m a Big Green Egg guy. Between the smoke you get from good lump charcoal to the very high (700 degrees) temperatures, they do it all. And the thick ceramic holds heat extremely well

  • Everyday's avatar

    I’m definitely no grill master, but we have a Green Mountain that works really well. It’s simple to use and easy to clean. I had never grilled before we got it but really enjoy grilling now.

  • Zach's avatar

    @Chris I think that's the same grill my cousin uses. He loves it!

  • Zach's avatar

    We use a Green Mountain at our cabin and I have a Camp Chef at home. Both 36" or close, both great grills. I prefer my camp chef. The GMG has tended for me, to require more maintenance. I've had to make sure it's cleaned several times a season to avoid small combustions, and auger/feeding problems. To be fair they do need to be cleaned out. Hope the info helps!

  • Casey's avatar

    @Arne I'm gonna get one at a yard sale sooner or later.

  • Matt's avatar

    I currently have a Traeger and Big Green Egg. I love them both. They have their pros and cons but if you take care of them and take the time to figure them out you can do just about anything.

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    I really like this one. Charbroil gas 2 coal

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