Gridding Cameras for Success

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    I’m a rookie in a lot of ways but what I do is go scout a few times and find a few places I want to hunt. Then I set a cam at each of those places. Then I’ll decide where I want to hunt most and move the other cams to help me understand how the deer are moving around that hunting spot and then I gather the pics and start plotting on Spartan Forge how I think they are moving and when.

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    If it were me I would check the cameras in a month or so to make sure I’m getting deer on it. Because if you aren’t getting much you may could move it to a different area and get more before the season starts! This is also depending on how far the property is away from you.

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    @Jacob it’s about an hour and 45min away. We still have our normal hunting area which really we don’t even have to run cameras on so this piece is just down the road and I covered all of the pinch points and transition areas we have a total of 12 cameras on this 25acre piece

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    Yes I like to see what is on the property and how they are moveing around

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    @Kyle sounds like ya got it covered then my guy. Not sure why ya asked lol.

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    @Zachary always ask for advice lol even if I think I have it nailed there’s always someone out there that has a better way!!!

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    I agree. I was more just saying that cause you got 12 trail cams on a small parcel lol. I hunt hundreds of acres and can’t make my self buy a fourth camera lol.

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    @Zachary hahaha there’s always room for another camera it’s all about organization and categorizing 😂😂

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Kyle E


Love to chase whitetails and waterfowl. Also enjoy spring turkeys and shed hunting. Hoping to add elk hunting to my résumé as well this year.

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