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    Good one! Congratulations!

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    @Wade thanks! I always get so excited then feel the need to sort of run like the darn things gona get up and go! πŸ€ͺ🀣🦴 I about just dove in the water instead of finding a spot to cross #SICKWITHIT should be my personal motto haha πŸ˜† especially when I find them in areas I actually hunt makes it that much better

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    @Charity when I go to Missouri turkey hunting I always find several. Maybe one or two a year in Mississippi. I found 16 in one morning in Missouri turkey hunting. Not bad for public land

  • Charity's avatar

    @Wade heck yea that would be awesome!

  • Wade's avatar

    @Charity mark Twain national Forrest is a great place to shed hunt

  • Charity's avatar

    @Wade I can imagine!

  • Lisa's avatar

    Congrats, Charity

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Charity D


Avid outdoorsy chick from Southern IN. Married to not only my best friend but my hunting and fishing partner! We do it all together and God always gets the praise for allowing us to grow, harvest and be free to enjoy what we do and feed the family too!

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