Grandpa's Legendary Remington 7600: From Deer Hunts to Bear Adventures in Saskatchewan

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    My first rifle was a 760 in 270 some ba$tard broke into our house and stole it and my grandfathers 740 back in 1992 I’m still pissed about it I loved that rifle

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    So cool 🙏

  • Gene's avatar

    @DJ That's unfortunate 😞

  • Brandon's avatar

    I have an all black one just like it. Absolute deer slayer.

  • Chris's avatar

    Old guys and old gun rule!

  • Gene's avatar

    @Chris I won't argue that. I respect my grandpa greatly!

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Gene H


My outdoor life consists mainly of hunting related activities. I am first a bow hunter, so I shoot bow a lot. I am not against picking up a rifle to fill my tags either though! I also enjoy habitat management and working to improve my property for the wildlife. My boys are already hunting with me so we work together to make it enjoyable! We also do a little bit of fishing. occasionally. I'm also a dealer for We live in the mountain so there's always firewood to cut and split and the lawn to mow, trails to bush-hog etc. We love our outdoor life! Last, but not least, I'm a Christian, and I acknowledge that every good thing in life comes from God.

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