Grandma's Surprise: A Gorgeous Musky Catch

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    @Backcountry Hunter 👍👍

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    Sweet! I'm ready to slay them this fall!

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    @Appalachian they are amazing

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    Wow on both counts

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    @Amanda I agree! The last big girl I caught struck 5 feet from my kayak in crystal clear water creek. It's so intense,all else pales in comparison to the musky. I am chasing them on the fly nowadays.

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    @Rich 👊

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    @Jose right?! Thank you

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    @Appalachian right? I don’t chase Walleye or pan fish. No thrill for me in that!

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    @Amanda yupp, I ruffle the bass fisherman's feathers when they show me a 5lb bass and I say that's about the right size to use for muskie bait lol

  • Amanda's avatar

    @Appalachian lol!! That’s awesome. People always ask why I don’t fish for walleye.... I personally find it Boring and the musky eat then anyway... so why not try to get the baddest in the lake.

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Amanda M


I love Fishing, deer hunting (rifle), bird hunting. When the snow flies you will find me on my snowboard almost 100% of the time. Reelcamo Girl Brand Champion Insta @girlmonge

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