GoWild UTV Giveaway: Enter Now!

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    One GoWild member WILL win this utv. GoWild members can enter for a chance to win by sharing the app with their share link. Go to your profile, tap “Share GoWild”, then tap "Invite friends" to send others your unique link. For every new member you get to join GoWild through your share link, you get an additional entry for a chance to win.
    For full entry details: https://timetogowild.com/stories/GoWild-UTV-Giveaway

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    LED light bar, while I’m going to retrieve harvested game or while hitting the trails with family and friends 👊

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    @John a game changer for late evening retrievals. Be great for night cruising too.

  • Nathan's avatar

    Man, I’m trying! This is so cool.

  • Jahred's avatar

    Def the windshield and HD front & Rear Brushgaurds. Nice looking rig!

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Nathan we appreciate ya. 💪

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    @Jahred windshield makes it nice when it’s colder. Won’t have that cold air blowing hard on ya.

  • Steve's avatar

    The chainsaw mount.. would be really nice to run around my property and improve the timber.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Steve you mean you don’t want to lug around a heavy chainsaw? 😂 agreed!

  • Logan's avatar

    That thing would be sweet to check trap lines and haul deer out the woods👌🤑

  • Ruben's avatar

    I would say I would use The whole vehicle on my lease. We have creeks, and some elevation changes. Hot weather, cold weather and while we’re working the food plots and cutting out fire lanes we always turn up the tunes.

  • David's avatar

    That camo pattern is sweet! Can't wait to see what else you put it on

  • Mike's avatar

    That camo is 🔥 🔥😍. I’ll be crying myself to sleep when this goes to someone else. I could really use that box to haul my generator.

  • Ryan's avatar

    everything about that rig is awesome I'd love that for hound hunting and trapping

  • Justin's avatar

    Somebody is going to be Happy Happy Happy! That thing has it all🤘🏻

  • Tony's avatar

    Great pattern.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Ruben sounds like an awesome piece of land.

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    @Logan sure would make life easier.

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    @David coming soon! Very soon.

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    @Mike we will all be cryig when we have to give it up.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Tony thank you

  • Ruben's avatar

    @GoWild it’s on a timber lease in East Texas north of Lake Sam Rayburn. And we’re on elevated land. Deer, Turkey, hogs and Predators. We have a great group of guys and gals on the leases. It’s an MLD3

  • Brendan's avatar

    Kolpin stronghold boots

  • Patrick's avatar

    Rear overhead speakers when I'm rocking heading back to camp with my big buck!

  • Ferg's avatar

    What a prize man, now that’s the best giveaway yet

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Donovan that’s an incredible job on the camp man. Hopefully see that on a bow sometime

  • Tyler's avatar

    Light bar and gun boots. Awesome setup 💪💪

  • Lance's avatar

    Light bar is sweet but if I lived closed to the house I would make this my daily driver! :)

  • Donovan's avatar

    @Ferg Thanks dude. Me too!

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Donovan jisr so happens am gonna be on the market for a new bow near end of year 😂

  • Jim's avatar

    Can’t imagine !!!!! 😎😎😎😎

  • Clayton's avatar

    My son would be ecstatic if we won this lol

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  • Austin's avatar

    @GoWild did you do the drawing for this yet?

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Austin I asked @GoWild this the other day. No word. My guess is they’re building the suspense.

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