Getting Started with Reloading: Choosing the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit and Essential Components

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    @B: Reloading your own rounds can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to enhance your shooting experience. The Lee breech lock hand press kit is a good choice for beginners with limited space.

    Regarding your question about reloading 300 Win Mag, yes, you can reload this caliber with the Lee breech lock hand press kit. It is capable of handling various calibers, including the 300 Win Mag.

    However, it's important to note that reloading can be complex and requires attention to detail. Make sure to follow load data from reputable sources and start with conservative loads until you gain more experience.

    As for components not included in the kit, you will need a few additional items to start reloading. These typically include:

    1. Dies: You'll need a set of dies specific to the caliber you're reloading, which are not usually included in the kit.
    2. Shellholder: A shellholder is required to hold the cartridge case in place during the reloading process. Check if the kit includes one, otherwise you'll need to purchase it separately.
    3. Reloading manual: A reliable reloading manual is essential for load data, recipes, and safety information. It's recommended to have at least one manual from a reputable SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    @Dallas - this guy can help

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    Thanks for asking this. I have been wanting to get into reloading myself.

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    I would be surprised if you could get a proper resizing job done, with a hand press, on a 300 Win Mag. Now, if all you’re doing is neck sizing brass you’ve already shot through your rifle then maybe you could get away with a hand press. I’ve been reloading 40+ years and I would suggest you go ahead and start with a bench press. Those bigger cases take quite a bit of leverage to full length resize them. I would not neck size anything that has not previously been shot through your rifle. The kit you are looking at does not come with a scale, powder trickler, case trimmer or a priming tool. Good luck and enjoy. If reloading is done properly, you can really shrink your groups.

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    Let me show you my set up. I don’t have a bench so I made mine or table. Harbor freight heavy duty utility table. Press mounted to a 2x12. C clamps to hold it to the table.

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    @Dallas @Coyote thank you, your answers are very helpful! It will probably be a bench press after all but with a temporary setup like Coyote Hunter's. Thanks again guys!

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    @Nate thank you

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    @Tom @Mike

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    Nothing I can add👆👍👊

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    I don’t have a lot of room is why I made. mine portable. I makes and drilled holes for the bolts and put them through the bottom, hammed them until the head was just inside the 2x12, that keeps it flat. You want the 2x12 the length of the long side of the table. I can show you a picture of anything you want to see.

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    Oh and mine is not temporary it will always be how it is cause I have no intention of putting it on a bench.

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    I also suggest you get this Lee press joy a single stage, they are too slow. This one can be operated like a single stage when you take the center thing out that turns it for you.

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    45 a little edge of the 2x12 so the press fits better.

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    45 a short part of the 2x12 so the press sits better.

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    The reason I have my press mounted to a 2x12 is I have a small vice mounted to another 2x12 and I can take off my press and put the vice on it if I need to.

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    I also have a nice piece of 1:2 inch plywood so I cut a part to fit the rabble top. It’s just sitting there on it, not attached in any way. I did it so it would be a stronger tabletop.

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    I also had a nice piece of 3/8 plywood I cut a section from to for the tabble. It’s just sitting on it, held by the c clamps. I did it to make the tabletop stronger.

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    @Coyote thanks man, this is very helpful! I'm going to look at all this and make a plan this weekend. I might have 1 or 2 more questions..

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    You really need a bench press. Lee makes good tools and dies I’ve been using them for 40 years. They’re great to start off with. Lee makes several starter kit. Add a set of dies, power, primer and bullets. A set of calipers are invaluable. Get several loading manuals. Be VERY careful using loads off Internet forums. Remember you are holding a controlled explosion mere inches from your head. Reloading is a great hobby. Read the how to sections of the reloading manual, than reread them. You can taylor a load to your gun for whatever your need (or perceived need).

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    You need to get a bench press. You’ll be glad you did. Mid south shooters supply is a good company that can help you get started.

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