Getting Started with Bow Hunting: Shooting New Arrows and Broadheads - One or All?

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    I’m no expert but if you got new arrows you need to shoot all of them with field tips to practice with them. Once you are comfortable shot one arrow with a broadhead to ensure you are still hitting the same with broadheads vs field points. If you are going to shoot multiple times with the broadhead I would use the same broadhead/arrow as shooting the target will dull your blades. Hope that helps.

  • Arica's avatar

    Okay this is super helpful! Thanks @Brad !

  • Appalachian's avatar

    He probably meant just use the one broadhead to practice with. It couldn't hurt to shoot all your arrows while swapping on the same broadhead each time, but definitely not necessary either. Did they paper tune the bow there, that's the foundation of all round accuracy as it ensures the arrow leaves the bow as strait as possible, making it much easier to sight in broadheads. I mostly just shoot one arrow when practicing as it's easy to hit your arrow with the modern bow and it kinda gets your heart rate up walking back and forth.

  • Brian's avatar

    Hi,if there fix blades your going to have to tune them.

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    @Appalachian this is great feedback. Thank you!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Arica no problem, good luck!

  • David's avatar

    Make sure your field points and broad heads are the same weight.

  • Brian's avatar

    Are you shooting expandable or fixed blades?

  • Arica's avatar

    @Brian fixed blade.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Arica if you can’t sharpen them I’d stick to just one for practice. If you shoot them all I’d touch them up afterwards.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Will Bolin thank you for such detailed feedback!

  • Sarah's avatar

    I don’t practice with all of my new arrows. I keep 5 arrows in my quiver and have extras if needed in my bow case/the closet. If I need a new one, then I get one and start shooting with it. I do prefer to shoot arrows before hunting with them…just in case. You don’t necessarily need to shoot with the broadhead on every arrow…but your field tip should be the same weight as the broadhead. There shouldn’t be any difference in shooting your broadhead vs. field tips. I do shoot with my broadheads, again…just in case.

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