Getting Rid of Smoke Smell in My New Outback: Can Scent Killer Spray Help?

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    If you are talking about a Subaru Outback then I would recommend changing your cabin filter for your ac and it will get rid of it coming out of your vents. And the scent killer couldn’t hurt

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    @Tyler I did the cabin air filter already will probably do it again soon maybe with a carbon filter

  • Kyle's avatar

    Go to a hippie crystal and incense store and load up on essential oils and such and fling it all violently around the car!☮️✌️🍄

  • Eric's avatar

    @Kyle make sure your energy is flowing in line with your chakras before you go into the store though, otherwise they’ll throw you out because mercury is in retrograde…

  • Eric's avatar

    I recently saw an ozone dispenser that plugs into the 12v outlet of a vehicle. Not sure if that would help get rid of the smoke smell.

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Kyle @Eric 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean's avatar

    You can try an ozone generator, the small car ones sold by hunting brands probably won’t produce enough O3 to do the job. I like using a whole car refresher like Meguiar’s.

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