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    Haha ya never know what ol Dono is gonna cook up! @Donovan

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    I thought it was already in the gear room 🀣🀣🀣

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    @Jeffrey lol

  • Lisa's avatar

    I'm actually surprised there isn't one. Maybe because they are available all over the internet?πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ but having one with the GoWild logo surely would sell. Good idea, Dave

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Dave B

West Virginia

Hey yall im dave aka Mossy, i live in the mountains of West Virginia with my beautiful loving fiance, anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, birding, wildlife photography, you name it i do it, i love the outdoors and conservation, i grew up hunting and fishing with my grandfather and uncle I am a passionate Mossy Oak user and wearer Modern day longhunter and mountain man Country isn't where you're from, a place you visit, Station on the radio or a state of mind, its who you are!!! - Toxey Haas on Mossy Oak Country DNA My Personal Hero is Aldo Leopold Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Team Elk Member Mossy Oak Gamekeeper FIRST LITE CAMO PRO STAFF YouTube:ThreeForksCreekOutdoors

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