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    Fishing and survival. Academics; mathematics, biology, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry. One short rule we use is the use of a slingshot to acquire small game for food and skins while using the guts on limb lines or trot lines for larger fish.

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    Bow hunting and fishing! Primitive has worked for millennia and will continue after we are gone. Learn to make bows. Very survival minded here.

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    I've been taking the grandsons out hunting and fishing, since they could walk. They are in their mid to late teens and now they call me to see if I want to go out with them! Hunt with your kids, not for them!

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    Love it! Thank you for all the guidance you all provide the youth of today! They need it now more than ever!!

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    Amen brother. Get them outdoors and away from social media

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    I’m teaching my oldest son to manage the doe population w/ a smokepole!!!!

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    I try and teach them right from wrong!! And Respect!! Everything I can about the Great outdoors that we have been so blessed with!! It’s like I always say, take a kid hunting and fishing , the woods the mountains, it’s something they’ll never 4get and neither will you!

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