Fur Handling Fiasco

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    You can buy tanning solutions from several trapping supply companies, FnT has it, it comes in a orange bottle.

  • Mark's avatar

    There are lots of “how to make a fleshing beam” on you tube, also step by step videos on how to flesh as well as different types of home tanning procedures.

  • Adam D's avatar

    I've never tanned a hide but I can say that the quicker you can skin an animal the easier it is so I'd assume less work later on in the process. If possible I'd skin an animal immediately

  • Scott's avatar

    @Adam agreed. Bacteria starts at death that can cause slippage (fur loss) and other issues with tanning. The delay in getting it and then soaking it for about a day. I’m surprised it turned out as well as it did.

  • Steven's avatar

    @Mark yeah I’ve seen a couple different designs that looked easy enough to make with pvc. Haven’t got around to making one yet though

  • Steven's avatar

    @Scott I gotcha yeah I heard ideally you should skin right after killing but really you could in cool weather leave canines for a day and coons for two days before slippage became a problem. So far I haven’t had large clumps of fur falling off, but I think I will try to get to it sooner next time and maybe flesh the day after

  • Jake's avatar

    Yes and no on skinning right after dispatch, beavers I let hang a day or two that way when skinning they don’t leak as much and with beaver it takes really warm temperatures to get hair slip . Now predators you wanna skin quickly or you’ll get green belly which results in hair slipping

  • Smatt's avatar

    Never soak a hide in water unless you want the fur to slip. Skin and freeze asap, then flesh and salt. Then pickle, apply tan, and break.

  • Steven's avatar

    @Jake I’ve heard that too. Isn’t that because of fat content?

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