Frontiersman Set: Classics

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    I could survive happily with just that and a shot kit (powder caps projectiles wads etc...). probably never see me again cause there would be nothing I would need. can get all the materials in the woods except caps. give me a flint lock musket and flint lock pistol I guarantee I would not have to come out of the woods. right now I go in the woods for days with just a variety of knives for processing furs and animals, two 22lr/wmr pistols (both rough riders, one 6.5" barrel and one 16"barrel, and getting a second 6.5" that is ceracoated so the finish won't rub off), trapping supplies, sometimes a pot, sometimes a canteen (most of the time I just have a coffee cup), and a bush knife. no tent, no blanket, no food, no water. if I get cold I make a shelter, if it starts raining I'll make a shelter. if I don't catch anything I don't eat, wich is no big deal cause I am over 260 pounds (not sure my exact weight cause I haven't weighed in over a week and have been losing a lot of weight). I can afford to go a few days without food. really it is just a case of I want to be left alone. surely I'm not the only one who does stuff like this...

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James L

New York

Husband, Father of two beautiful girls, and one wild child boy, Police Officer.

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