From Winter Blues to Turkey Hunting: Overcoming the Off-Season Slump

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    Winter is never boring. Hunt on foot and your boredom will disappear. Coyotes are breeding now and now is the time to hunt them hard!

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    @Cameron dude, I can’t not get good at that no matter how hard I try. I’ll probably start shed hunting as soon as some of this snow melts off but I can’t those yotes to read the script lol

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    @Hunter Patience and perseverance. Lot of standing still more than moving. Follow your gut where to go for any game. Have located coyotes where turkey like to hang out:high up above where many springs run.

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    @Hunter Patience and perseverance will pay off. It may take years but it will pay off. The biggest bonus of being on foot: you’ll learn more about hunting than you did when being up a tree.

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    @Hunter Glad you got the big boy before Henry put that ugly side gate on it.

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    @Cameron was my highschool graduation gift a few years back. My Papaw and I would look through the Henry catalog and dream of the guns we wanted. He started saving money for one for me secretly. He passed away just before I graduated and they surprised me with this gun the day after I graduated

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    @Hunter Excellent gift! Sorry for your loss.

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    Winter is packed full of activity! Lol ice fishing and waterfowl keep me busy. But yes I’m always ready for the gobbler chase

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    Yes sir

  • Hunt The's avatar

    I love the change of the seasons but I know where you’re coming from. Cool picture sir!

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    @Hunt thanks buddy!

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    Right I'm full on ice fishing mode then once the ice is no longer safe and the snow melts I'll start shed hunting and soon start scouting for spring birds

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Hunter M


Avid Outdoorsman | Saddle Hunter | Spring turkey hunting addict | Natural Resource Law Enforcement graduate | Hocking College 21’ |

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