From Hunt to Table: Turning 2 Hogs into 60 lbs of Sausage and Ground Meat

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butchering & field work3H 0M
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    Spot on!

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    We’re butchering a pig here soon as well! Looking forward to learning the process.

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    How difficult is it to make soppresata? I’ve wanted to try myself. Where/how do you keep the humidity and temp constant.

  • Sarah's avatar

    @William not very difficult at all...just takes time. The recipes we use came from the UMAi bag website...and they sell everything you need. We have an extra refrigerator in our basement that we use to put everything in for curing...and just adjust them temp as needed. We keep a hygrometer in it to watch humidity levels.

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    @Sarah thanks!

  • Brad's avatar

    I love the processing as much as the hunt. Nice work.

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Sarah H


Born and raised in Kentucky, now living in southeast Idaho. I love all things outdoors and enjoy hunting turkey, deer, elk, antelope and waterfowl. I love cooking and crafting and finding ways to use my entire harvest. Huntress View GoWild Brand Ambassador Browning Trail Cameras BaseMap Hunting & Fishing Instagram @waddysarah & @arrowridgecreations

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