Fishing Surprises: Tales of the Unexpected

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    He kept wrapping his tail around anything and everything to keep me from pulling him out of the water. I had to reach down and untangle him multiple times with one hand while keeping the line tight with the other!

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    I caught a frog once on a tiny fly I didn’t see it grab my lure and didn’t have a clue what I had till I got it reeled in.

  • Chris's avatar

    Wow that is NOT what I’d expect to come out of the water when I was reeling haha

  • Colby's avatar

    I’ve caught a catfish and when I reeled it up it was COMPLETELY torn to shreds like in some spots you could see all the way through the fish

  • Jerry's avatar

    Caught a 6 1/2 foot blue shark on 12 pound test line while salmon fishing.

  • DJ's avatar

    @M Conroy it was crazy the way it was swimming

  • Coyote's avatar

    Great looking snake.

  • Larry's avatar

    A mud dog when I was a kid

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  • AJ's avatar

    I like that pistol holster!!

  • Kelly's avatar

    @M Conroy what did she think?

  • Colby's avatar

    @M Conroy yeah in nature anything can happen

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    @M Conroy if you have rattlesnakes in your area night is when they come out to ambush prey.

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    @M Conroy I’ve got a baby rattlesnake in October. Babies don’t quite know how to control their venom glands so when they bite they are definitely giving a full dose of venom.

  • Coyote's avatar

    Yes, venom is intended to get food. Once they learn to control their venom glands they can bite in defense but not inject any venom, it’s called a dry bite.

  • Rich's avatar

    Wow! I caught a black vulture on a fake frog popping it across the pond. He flew down gulped it down then the fight was on!

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